Some testimonials straight from to the mouth of our patients.

I remember growing up and having a traumatic fear of dentists.  I was a child with weak teeth who always had a cavity on every visit.  I remember going through the pain of shots and the sound of the drill.  As a child you have no choice but as I grew up, I made the choice of NOT seeing a dentist.  As I said my teeth have always been weak, so it was just a matter of time before I would have seen a dentist.  The I found your office.

Everyone greeted me with a smile.  You patience and that of your staff is what makes me feel comfortable.  I own my good healthy teeth to you and your staff.  I admire your dedication to your patients and I will continue to tell my family and friends to come see you.   -Lanette


I am grateful for what you all have done for my aging teeth.  Please tell Sandra Bullock (he he he) that she is brilliant and has an excellent staff to help her.  -Emilio


I just want you to know that you all are wonderful.  I was so scared to go to the dentist for a checkup, x-rays, & everything, but every time I went I was put at ease immediately by the sweet kindness and conversation of everyone there.  Thank you so much Dr. Britt, Letti, Veronica, Margaret, and Becky.  Ya’ll are great!  -Wendy


Thank you so much for fixing my tooth!!!  It feels so much better.  The best part is I don’t feel it at all!  I appreciate all the work you have done. -Lynne


“I am terrified of dentists and this office understands!”
“The office staff take good care of you, too.”
“She is a hard dentist to find and a diamond in the bucket.”